HASOCARE™ Underwear

HASOCARE™ – Disposable incontinence underwear with replaceable pads with maximum absorbency

Featuring a smooth fit that wears invisibly under clothing, these underwear give you complete protection so that you can focus on living your life. The fabric features MICROFIN DRY™ technology to wick away perspiration, leaving you with a fresh, dry feel. Keep leaks easily contained with the highly absorbent replaceable pad boasting an innovative design to ensure lasting comfort. With HASOCARE™ individually wrapped replacement pads, you’ll be ready to take on the day.

HASOCARE™ – New, disposable incontinence underwear with replaceable pads with maximum absorbency

The classic, comfortable fit of these underwear hugs your body with elastic-infused fabric, allowing you to move freely and naturally. The traditional look and cotton-like texture of the fabric makes them feel like your regular underwear, while the MICROFIN DRY™ technology draws away perspiration to ensure that you stay dry all day long. They are compatible with HASOCARE™ Individually Wrapped Incontinence pads to give you full protection.

HASOCARE™ Incontinence Pads with odor-control. Fragrance Free

These pads boast MICROFIN DRY™ technology to quickly wick away moisture and keep it locked in the core, so you stay comfortable and dry. The breathable outer layer is designed to feel soft and cotton-like to keep you feeling cool and carefree. The Leak Guards run along the pad’s length, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about leaks. Designed to be thinner than other leading brands, it still boasts a higher absorbency capacity.

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